As we come to the end of this series on success, I want to wrap up by referring to someone that I have used for some time now as a mentor, Brendon Burchard. I have not met him, but his works have been inspirational, encouraging, empowering and directional, as I step away from a career spanning over 25 years, into an online business that focuses on career women. I have held a deep desire to give back, to walk alongside women and support, guide, mentor them to the successes that they want for themselves.

So I turn to Brendon now, via a YouTube clip. He is prolific in his heart-driven work in the area of personal development, through books, blogs, courses, interviews, youtube videos and so on.

Watch the video: How Successful People Think.

In finishing here, I want you to believe that you are a successful person, even when there are times you doubt that. You are not to be defined by others as you have your unique ‘why’, purpose on this planet.

Dream it. Live it. Know that you can.

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