We are all prone to self-doubt. But when we embrace that doubt into our lives over and over we then become a victim of the biggest lie of all.


The biggest lie:            I can’t.

This lie of self-doubt reduces you to a small, diluted version of who you really are.

This lie whispers that you are incapable, incompetent, a powerless victim of people and circumstances.

Worst of all is that the lie of self-doubt leaves you without hope that you could ever be different. Without the belief that you can change, you never will. You doom yourself to living small.


The real truth:        You can.

You are enough.

You can change what you choose to.



How to drown out the biggest lie

✅  Say ‘stop’ when your self-doubt bubbles up. This will disrupt that thought pattern.

✅  Be kind to yourself and ask “What is 1 small step I can take to move forward in this situation?”  Take that small step and celebrate that you did.

✅  Accept setbacks as opportunities to learn, and as normal happenings in everyone’s life who has courage and takes chances. This is you – brave.

✅  Make an action decision to move forward and correct your course along the way. The worse thing is to let self-doubt prevent you from taking action.

✅  Don’t worry what others may think and absolutely do not compare yourself with others. You are on your unique journey, not theirs.

✅  Have a safe, trustworthy friend who can encourage and support you in those times when your strength or energy is low. We all have those times and that’s ok.



Remember the truth: YOU CAN


Freedom from Self Doubt

Watch this 14 minute YouTube video of an amazing man, BJ Davis, who use to live a life of ‘I can’t’ and ended up in jail. He came to believe in ‘I can’ and his whole world changed. Watch how.


In BJ Davis’ words, you can:

 Let your past define you


Use your past to refine you.


What did BJ say that resonated with you?  Please share in the comment box below, so that we can all learn from your experiences. Thank you for being willing to do that.

I have designed a free infographic for you so that you can post it up where you will be reminded of what action to take to overcome self-doubt. Get it below.




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