Pussy: A Reclamation

 Regena Thomashauer

  1. 256 pp. Hay House, California.






Turn on.


All words that are often avoided or spoken of only with close friends in private.

That is what Regena, or better known as Mama Gena is reclaiming. She has climbed onto the rooftop and is preaching like an evangelist. Many women will climb onto that rooftop with her. Knowing that the message is a truth and being drawn to the liberation and authenticity it promises when we no long hide who we are, entirely, as females. These women are no longer content with the secrecy, the conspiratorial silence over our vaginas which are the core of our female selves. The incorrect labelling, the derogative way in which the term ‘pussy’ is flung at people, and the misuse of the term vagina have worked only to suppress the power, sacredness and radiance of being a woman.

Many women will not climb onto the rooftop. They will be daunted by Mama Gena’s brash, seemingly over-the-top style, and will be unable to fully counter the oppressive silence over a woman’s radiance. But that is ok. For those women I would encourage to read the book, take in what speaks to you, and for the content that you may not quite be ready for yet, do not take offense. For many this journey is one step at a time. If you cant climb to the rooftop, nurture your incredible beauty and wisdom by moving up one or two levels. You see this is not a race or a competition. Mama Gena wants for every woman to know exactly who themselves deeply and be honoured and blessed and even in awe at the sacredness of femininity and all that it encompasses.

Read Mama Gena’s book. There is much to be absorbed into every feminine cell of your being to empower yourself and let your voice be heard and your body glow with love. She writes:

“Pussy. It’s arguably the most powerful pejorative word in the English language. It is the ultimate salacious smack to a woman’s dignity, used when the intention is to hurt, humiliate and fracture her humanity. Pussy is the lowest of the lows for men as well. There is no quicker way to snip a man’s balls than to call him one; no cheaper way to warn him that his reputation is in dire straits. No one calls me ‘pussy’ when they want to communicate how radiant and beautiful I look on a certain day” (9p.xv).