Dance Your Way to the Top: Feminine Leadership Without Burning Out

Susie Heath

  1. 215 pp. Panoma Press Ltd, UK.


I enjoyed the cheeky, fun-loving title and tone throughout the book. There is no apology here for being a woman, indeed the book exudes great pleasure in the wonder of the feminine. So it is an easy book to read and it is full on permission to like being a female, but more importantly embrace our right as women to let our passionate hearts change the world in positive ways.

I would really enjoy hearing what learnings more men might take from this book. Susie shared one and I certainly read most of the chapter for men. Yes that is right there is a chapter for men, and you don’t need to hit them with Susie’s anger list. Share your list with the man/men in your life and discuss how they react to that.

Susie writes not just for women to have a better, fulfilled, authentically feminine life but she reaches out to us to step up and use our feminine wisdom to change the consciousness on this planet, making it safe, looking after it to ensure the world is worth living in or saving. Susie is not dismissing or denigrated men and she writes of our responsibilities in getting it wrong in the past when we have attempted to emulate men. She writes to men:

“So my invitation to you is to find a woman with a vision, a dream and help her bring it into reality with your ability to push through, using your systems, your logic and your analytical brains. Not to take over, not to make it yours, but to support her in her highest truth and to bring the beauty back onto this earth…most successful businesses I know what are contributing to the world today are a collaboration of male and female energies, a synchronous dance in pairs, and they work, they really work! When we collaborate on these issues, a new world will emerge…” (p.36)

Susie discusses the elements of the feminine essence which is a state of grace, joy, power, peace, healthy connectedness, joyful unashamed sexuality, cooperation and coexistence, common sense, playfulness and strength. It is these elements of being a woman that underpin feminine leadership which is inspired rather than motivated, and has both outward and inward aspects.

Outwardly woman have an amazing diffuse awareness where we are sensitive to the energies in the environment and people around us. Many women down play this, but it is a wondrous capacity that enables us to enrich others. We are truly capable and wired to be multi-purpose, multi-minded for we see clearly potential problems, consequences and solutions way ahead of the present moment, that is we see the bigger picture in fine detail. These are an integral part of our feminine leadership.

Inwardly as feminine leaders we must build ourselves from the inside, to have courage, conviction and beliefs and to move forward on those, becoming more of who we are meant to be in this world, through enquiring minds, sensitivity to circumstances and possessing excellent communication processes. We need to jettison constraints that would prevent us from being authentically feminine and learn how to go with the flow of fun, flexibility and fluidity. We are good at that if we let ourselves.  Our feminine energy gives rise to a leadership which is a radiant hub.

I think women need to read this book to receive the wisdoms within and to accept the totality of their capacity to be wise. Susie also writes an excellent chapter of the addiction traps for women which is very powerful because it accurately lists what all of us experience at some stage, in some way. Whether you are one of the ‘overs’, ‘unders’, ‘body haters’, ‘love bugs’ or others, identifying that addiction, past or present, ensures that you can address it should it rise in your future.

Susie clearly puts out a mandate for women, to learn of your embodies presence, through exercises in the book, “bringing all of who you are to the moment, holding clarity and focus and presence, while being true to your authentic self.” (p.209)    There is great value in reading this book.