Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want

 Rachael Jayne Groover

  1. 269 pp. Deep Pacific Press, Fort Collins, Colorado.


There is an unabashed approach in this book which is deeply spiritual and deeply sexual. It is contemporary thinking about feminine power and potential, empowering with a delightful sense of passion about stepping out in the world with an openness and assurety of your power as a woman. There is a wonderful thread of fun and delight in self-discovery the reader is invited to partake.

Rachael Jayne Groover is a singer, inspirational speaker, and Founder of The YIN Project, an international community of women committed to their own personal and spiritual development, as well as supporting that in others. She is the creator of The Art of Feminine Presence classes and trainings with many of those activities shared within the book.

Rachael speaks from a warm, spiritual, heart space. There are so many woman that know exactly the experience Rachael speaks of below, and those who have not yet had that joy, believe me, when I say, Rachael describes it perfectly and it is for each of us to take a hold of.

“I want you to light up the room you walk into because when a woman walks into a room with a sensually alive boy, a compassionate and loving heart, and a peaceful mind, she naturally affects the people around her in the most profound ways: she gives others permission to share their Light. When you are truly powerful and feminine , you naturally encourage others to be big, bold, and beautiful in a way that makes them feel comfortable rather than intimidated. The world needs more women like this” (p. 2).

When a woman is in that place of ‘being’ then it is truly about how others can be all they were meant to be. It is the feminine in its purest form. The feminine power has a sacred element that has long been diluted with the focus on raising the masculine as the standard to aspire to.

Rachael’s voice is added to the growing number of people who are heralding the purpose, power and potential of the feminine and that it, not only has, a rightful place in our world, but a needed place in our world, alongside the masculine. Living with a “guarded heart” has arisen out of a protective necessity, so this book aims, and I believe achieves, its purpose of guiding a woman to “make peace” with her “softness and vulnerability” so she “can stop living with a guarded heart”.

Each chapter is accompanied by different forms of exercises: physical, reflective, educative; designed to facilitate the reader’s capacity to move deeper into her feminine essence.

This book is both purposeful and practical and it is the latter that is often overlooked or diminished in other works, and is what sets Rachael’s book apart.