The Feminine Intention: Powerful, Profitable and Fabulous.

 Dawn Todd

  1. 114 pp., USA.


The subheading ‘powerful, profitable and fabulous’ was irresistible to me, so I grabbed a copy and read the book. Did it live up to my high and excited expectations? More on that later. First things first.

Dawn Todd was a successful coach for 10 years, working with a number of start-up entrepreneurs, to grow their businesses. Whilst she was successful at this, typically doubling if not tripling their bottom line, she came to a deeper understanding and belief that an internal transformation is essential for change. Thus began her shift from the “DO” to the “BE” that she made, “showing up” in a new way – “a very feminine way of being in the world.”

My interest was invested in reading this book as anyone who has navigated such a transformation has strong credibility in my view. Whilst brief, Dawn identifies the 7 lies that have been fed and consumed by women through the generations. They are insightful and as you read, you can’t help but say ‘yes’ out aloud, in agreement. There are exercises at the end of each chapter to encourage the reader to dwell deeper into their own experiences. These were really useful. There is also a chapter that give a brief and selective account of how these lies came to be, which has merit.

I was left a little confused with why the 2 chapters, just over 4 pages, gave an account of Kuan Yin, a Buddhist goddess of compassion, unconditional love and protection. Perhaps the confusion arose because there was no depth to the discussion or strong linkage to her main point. So the book would not have lost much, in my view, had these very brief chapters not being included. Alternatively, I would have welcome a more in-depth exploration of Dawn’s points here.

Dawn’s use of “wild” had me reaching to let lose my preconception of what that word was meant to convey. It took a bit of a cognitive stretch, not that it was difficult, but rather different to the frequent interpretations of “wild”. I enjoyed my stretch, and could clearly see what Dawn was trying to say. It will not resonate with everyone though, and that is ok. If it is jarring with you, I would suggest that you stick with it and let it seed within you, for when you are ready it will fruit in meaningful ways for you.

Again the thoughts expressed as the 8 truths of feminine freedom will resonate with most, if not all women, and this chapter left me resolute to extend my capacity in each area. As a business woman myself, I was looking forward to the “profitable” part of the book promised in the subtitle. However, on that front, the final chapter “Pleasure creates Profit” completely missed the mark for me. The content was largely devoted to meditation. I really wanted the “creates profit” knowledge, experience that Dawn has, so I was left wanting.

Overall I think the book is a worthwhile read as it joins another voice into our world which is stepping up and honouring the feminine more. I am grateful that Dawn has put her thoughts out there for us to benefit and support that global movement of the powerful feminine being.