Arianna Huffington

  1. 342 pp. WH Allen, London.


Motivated by the commencement speeches she was preparing to give to a graduate class, Arianna has “tried to pull together the insights (she) had gleaned about (her) work and life” (p.2). She has done this in such a thought providing way that she did not impress the graduates how to succeed, but rather to redefine what success is.

The traditional measures of success – status and money are not working, burnout, sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety levels are indicators of this. The traditional measures are incapable of ensuring that people not only survive but thrive. Looking around her Arianna has come to the view that a Third Metric of success is needed, one that ensure that each person could indeed thrive.

The Third Metric of success revolves about the nurturance of our human capital. Thankfully Arianna’s voice in another one that is raising the importance of our we care for ourselves and others, in order to live “the good life”.

Thus the third leg of the stool, the Third Metric was conceived and is composed of: well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving. These deeply resonate with me, and I am sure, with many others, as truly what we need in abundance.

In a book that I believe will connect with all its readers, especially the millennial generation, wisdom includes a conscious decision to disconnect from the technology that is capable of being with us and connecting to us, 24/7. We need this space to truly connect to our inner wisdom and there are many ways in which we each can achieve this. Wisdom is served with a sense of wonder, every day, in the everyday things or activities as well as the extraordinary.

Arianna generously shares her personal challenges and lessons and substantially draws on research evidence from a wide range of disciplines and contemporary knowledge to support her thoughts. This theoretical support gives credibility and emphasis to what success ought to be viewed as. Indeed, Arianna well meets her goal of designing and writing a book that:

“helps us to move from knowing what to do to actually doing it. As I know all too well, this is no simple matter. Changing deeply ingrained habits is especially difficult. And when many of these habits are the product of deeply ingrained cultural norms, it is even harder. This is the challenge we face in redefining success” (p.19).

This is a process and to aid each of us in redefining success for ourselves, there are practices, tools and techniques in this book that can have an immediate and positive impact on our health and happiness.

This book is worthy of your time. Arianna posits that the 3 elements of success: status, money and Third Metric have an overarching goal “to reconnect with ourselves, our loved one, and our community – in a word, to thrive” (p.20).

An excellent book.