Workplace Bullying: How to Survive and Thrive with a Bully Boss

 David Leads

  1. 66pp.


Bullying is a damaging experience and the incidences of bullying is on the increase, globally. This is a simple, short book that, in my opinion, serves as an overview of this serious matter.

There are some elements of the book that I could not quite agree and some that I do. For example, in chapter 3 which deals with “Why You’re The Target of A Bully Boss” the author briefly discusses: you favor cooperation over competition; you expected the workplace to be a friendly place; upper management allows bullying; and, you didn’t stand up to the bully right away. I agree with all but the later. The last point I listed could even infer that the victim of bullying is to blame. Now I am absolutely positive that David Leads was not suggesting this, but authors need to be careful that what they write cannot be misunderstood.

I want to inject what I am most passionate about in terms of messaging that I want the victims of bullying to believe:  You are NOT to blame.  If you would bear with me a little longer, because I want to digress from reviewing the book a little more. This is so critically important.  The Workplace Bullying Institute identifies that there are a number of common characteristic of the targets of bullies (are you listening, please take this to heart)….targets of bullies are:

  • Ethical
  • Just
  • Fair
  • Well-liked
  • Highly personable
  • Strong
  • Independent
  • Intelligent and
  • Self-assured.

In other words you, as a victim of bullying are an amazing person and the bully wants to bring you down as they see in you, something that they don’t have and they want, and they are happy to destroy it if they can’t have it.

OK, I have said my piece, back to this book. This book is one of many, from the website www.relationshipup.  So this book and all of the other publications serve the purpose of helping you to improve your relationships. If you need an overview, it will serve you reasonably well, if you want/need to understand the issue of bullying and its impact in depth than this book will not serve you in that way. For many people though they want a quick read, a quick understanding, so this book will assist.