About me

What have I done?
This is what a brief biography would say about me: I am a University Professor. I have been an academic for nearly 3 decades (my goodness that time has gone quickly). I have had the privilege of working in 4 Australian universities and 1 Canadian university. During that time I have been promoted several times from lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor to professor. I have several qualifications, a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), a Masters Degree in Education and a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. I have been a registered/student nurse for over 4 decades working in emergency departments, surgical, paediatric and medical wards for 10 years.

I have held numerous roles and responsibilities along the way such as Dean and Head of School, Nursing and Midwifery which at that time had an annual budget $11-16m per year. I am a past member of Council of Deans Nursing and Midwifery Australia, plus chair and/or member of numerous state, health region and university governance committees, including promotion, recruitment and discipline panels. I have 35 peer reviewed national and international conference presentations (Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand), including Keynote Speaker (Australasia international conference), reviewer of academic journals, examiner of PhD theses (Australian and Canadian); author – 17 journal articles, 1 book as sole author, 3 book chapters, 1 book editor; 15 research grants; 12 successfully completed PhD candidates; with 4 more research students currently under supervision. I have brought over $26 million dollars into the university sector through Commonwealth Government funds. For 3 years I was also a business partner in two small businesses.

I think I could summarise this by saying that I have been blessed to have combined two of my passions, education and nursing. Believing that I had left a legacy to the university sector I felt that it was time to step away and pursue my deeper purpose. Throughout my career I have been approached by numerous people, both female and male to be their mentor or consultant or coach them through specific projects, circumstances or periods in their life. I have always felt honoured that people sought me out in such ways and as it was a regular occurrence I came to realise that this was my true purpose in life.

My Purpose
Most of us want more from our jobs at different points in time, for different reasons and in different ways. By sharing what I have learnt over time my aim is to come alongside of career women, hold a mirror up to them so they can see their uniqueness, beauty within and capabilities, and equip them with thoughts and strategies that they might use, ‘as is’ or modify, in order to take the next step that they desire in their career.

I have had both positive and negative experiences, such as being bullied and mobbed, through my career but I have always found pathways and strategies to navigate through the worst periods and celebrate and find opportunities from the best periods.

I have left my academic corporate world to give back to other career women through the creation of my business. I am simply passionate about helping career women. You might like to check out the testimonial pages and see what some of those I have worked with have said.

The ‘why’ underpinning my purpose
I believe that when a career woman, like you, achieves the successes you want, you become all that you were meant to be, and then will positively change our world.


Who I am
I am a mother of 2 boys (uh hum…. I hear them both saying that they are adults now). Well yes, they are, but aren’t our children always young in our minds? Much to their embarrassment at times I do love telling some stories about their childhood years. I am looking forward to being a grandmother, what a great joy that will be.

I have an amazing cluster of friends and family who I love dearly.

I am a passionate person who has benefited from a marvellous career and personal life. It has had its mixture of tragedies, trauma, loss, mistakes, hard work, delights, pleasure, joys, successes and much love. I wouldn’t change any of it for it is in the accumulation of life’s turns that I can embrace who I am today. My greatest joy is to help others achieve what they desire for themselves. I believe that we are to live our lives in abundance. An abundance of love, laughter and success. This is an abundance of wealth.