Coaching - Mentoring - Flow Consultation


Pay as you go coaching/ mentoring sessions
$ 150
  • One 50 minute session or sessions booked one at a time


Short term coaching/ mentoring
  • Three 50 minute coaching/mentoring sessions
  • Total Value $450
  • Discount as a package $390


Medium Term Package
  • Six 50 minute coaching/mentoring sessions
  • Full Value $900
  • Discount as a package $690
  • Flow test and debrief included

Flow Assessment

Reveal your natural genius
  • The Flow Assessment Test is provided for your online.
  • Excellent online resources made available for self-interpretation.
  • Does not include a debrief about how to apply the results of the assessment.


  • All sessions are via phone or visual electronic formats, such as Skype or Zoom.
  • Sessions commence and finish on-time to respect everyone’s schedules.
  • Clients would usually opt to have weekly or fortnightly sessions. We can schedule around important dates and times, such as school breaks or holiday times.
  • Amounts are in Australian dollars
  • Payments for Azure are ‘pay-as-you-go’ ahead of the session.
  • Payment for Rose is in-full before the commencement of the first session.
  • Payment for Teal is either:
    • in full before the commencement of the first session, or
    • 2 payments of a block of 3 sessions:
      • the first payment before the first session and
      • the second payment before the fourth session.
  • Payment for the Lilac is either:
    • in full before the commencement of the first session, or
    • 4 payments of a block of 3 sessions:
      • the first payment before the first session,
      • the second payment before the fourth session,
      • the third payment before the seventh session, and
      • the fourth payment before the tenth session.


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3 + 11 =

Finding this book was like receiving a gift! I found it very easy to read with practical ideas and tips. Reading “Energise your Career” has given me the courage to clearly define what I want in my career. Jessica Forbes

The most moving and influential elements of this book come from Kristine’s brutal honesty and transparency in sharing the experiences of her past. The rawness of experiences and the not holding back allows the reader to know that this book is not just words it’s a proven path for success. Joanne Finn

This delightful yet practically orientated book is written in the style of a conversation between women. It is unashamedly feminine in its approach, but in being so creates the warmth and camaraderie of a genuine female friendship. Karen Livesay

The key word, energise, in the title of the book is exactly the type of feeling that Kristine’s book inspires when reading it.  It made me re-evaluate my career and see how I could progress it, beyond the “stuck in neutral” as Kristine so aptly describes it. Vera Brown

I’ve waited a long time for a book that can help me progress to the next level of my  professional life – this is the one that taps into the parts of me that will help me to higher levels of success.


Gina Kruger